My husband is standing for hours and the cock became like a stone. I am so happy!

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I love my husband very much, I love him incredibly! He makes good money and is generally just an ideal husband. But I didn't like having sex with him. His cowboy could hardly stand, and he finished in 15 minutes. At first I thought it was okay and I could handle it, that it doesn't matter ... But unfortunately, no, it's not!

I have never been sexually satisfied. And I really love sex. Can you imagine what hell this is Of course, I pretended to have an orgasm. My husband thought that everything was fine with us in sex

Because of this, she was constantly angry and irritated. I understand that it was not his fault, but I could no longer endure it. I even thought about cheating!

The only way out that I found was divorce ...

For a whole month I sat with thoughts of divorce. I was cold with my husband We didn't have sex. He did not understand what was the matter. I hoped that if I behaved like this, it would be easier for him to get over the breakup.

But the day came when I was going to tell him everything. I went up to him to report the divorce, but did not have time ...

And then suddenly it happened what I expected from him !

He grabbed me and began to kiss me passionately. His hands slid over my body, I just could not resist. He had never been so confident in himself.

I started to get excited. I have never been so wet with him ... I suddenly felt in him a strong male, to whom I must surrender completely. To be honest, I never had such thoughts in relation to my husband.

I put my hand down to touch his cock and ... JUST WAS SURPRISED!! It was not an ordinary mediocre penis, but HUGE DICK! I didn't understand how this could be. I even got a little scared. But I didn't care. From this powerful strong cock, I just lost my head.

I could not resist, went down to my knees and began to greedily suck on this stone dick. Never before have I so much wanted to completely lick a dick and shove it completely down my throat. I wanted this dick to flood me with sperm. I sucked for 20 minutes, but he never thought to cum .

My husband put me in a pose and entered me. My breathing stopped. It hurt at first, but at the same time, wildly cool from this hard cock. I felt every vein, every vessel.

While he had me I managed to experience 3 ORGASMS. And attention! I found out what a squirt is))) I thought it was all nonsense and this does not happen. I didn't even know that I was capable of such a thing. Previously, there was not a single one with my husband, and even more squirt! When he finished, I crawled to my knees to get a load of cum on my face. There was a lot of sperm, a LOT! I accepted this warm liquid with gratitude and greedily licked the rest of his cock. He was still strong and throbbing violently after orgasm.

I felt like in paradise. My legs were trembling, my body was still not having severe cramps. I was lying right on the floor at my husband's feet and could not stand up. I have NEVER BEEN FUCKED THAT!


It turns out that he found out somewhere about pills for potency. At first I did not believe it, I thought it was some kind of garbage and a divorce.

But then he read many reviews and even the opinions of doctors. They say that if you use these pills, then the result will be 100%. They just sell a lot of crafts, so some say it doesn't help.

My husband searched and found the official website where these magic pills are sold. He says he tried it for a reason. Happy now as an elephant.

Especially since I now NEVER allow myself to start nagging his brain. Says that I became surprisingly obedient and docile ... Of course. After such sex, even the thought of swearing or getting a divorce does not arise. Now everything is perfect!

Now we have a hectic sex life. I didn't think before that I would be like this love sex. Every day I look forward to my husband from work. He especially loves it when I crawl on his lap and start fondling his cock. And I myself am pleased to give him a blowjob.

For my man I even started taking more care of myself. I lost weight, started going to the gym. And all in order to be ideal for Him. So that he never stops wanting me.

Of course, not everything is so sweet. I learned that my husband began to cheat on me sometimes. The women themselves were somehow drawn to him. Apparently, they feel its strong energy.

Of course, at first I was very offended. But then I realized that whoever he cheated on me with, the main thing is that he stays with me ... And such a Man can be forgiven for everything , if only he was next to you. I pretend that I don't know about his adventures, and I try not to think about it.


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